Youtube Llc Agreement

This section applies to users who provide content to the Service. It defines the scope of permissions you grant when uploading your content and includes your consent not to upload anything that violates the rights of others. Important updates: YouTube may terminate your access or your Google Account access to all or part of the Service if YouTube has reason to believe that providing the Service to you will no longer be commercially viable. The content of the Service includes videos, audio (para. B music and other sounds), graphics, photos, text (. B comments and scripts), branding (including trade names, trademarks, service marks or logos), interactive features, software, measurements and other materials, whether provided by you, YouTube or a third party (collectively, the “Content”). Content may be made available to the Service and distributed by our users, and YouTube is a hosting service provider for such content. The content is the responsibility of the natural or legal person who makes it available to the Service. If you see content that you believe does not comply with this Agreement, para. B example in violation of the Community Rules or the law, you can report it to us. If you do not comply with this Agreement and we do not take immediate action, this does not mean that we waive any rights we may have (for example. B the right to take action in the future).

Если Вы нарушаете данные условия и мы не предпринимаем немедленных действий, это не должно рассматриваться в качестве официального отказа от прав и не означает, что мы не намерены отстаивать свои права в будущем, в том числе предпринимать определенные действия. Если для работы с Сервисом требуется установить программное обеспечение, например приложение “Творческая студия YouTube”, Вы даете разрешение на автоматическое обновление. It is automatically installed on your device (depending on the device settings) when a new feature or version is displayed. Unless additional license terms apply, YouTube grants you a worldwide, royalty-free, non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use the Software by you personally under this Agreement. You may not copy, modify, distribute, sell, rent, reverse engineer, or attempt to extract the source code, unless otherwise permitted by law or with youTube`s written permission. .