The Gentleman`s Agreement Movie Summary

The next day, the human resources director of Minify`s magazine was reprimanded for his policy of not hiring Jewish secretaries, and was told that any future announcement should contain the line “Religion is a matter of indifference.” But when Miss Wales learns of the change in policy, her fear that a Jew “Kikey” will ruin things for her prompts Phil to declare that he hates the anti-Semitism of her and a non-Jew. Later, Kathy, to whom Phil is now engaged, tells Phil that her sister Jane in Darien, Connecticut, has scheduled a party for her next Saturday, and Phil reluctantly agrees to allow Kathy to talk to Jane about the ruse. When Kathy asks Phil not to talk about anti-Semitism at her sister`s party, Phil and Kathy refuse to insult her because he is being argued.