Britain Agreement

[4] It provides for the free movement of goods and limited reciprocal market access for services, as well as cooperation mechanisms in a number of policy areas, transitional provisions on EU access to fisheries in the UK and the UK`s participation in certain EU programmes. Compared to the previous status of the United Kingdom as an EU Member State, the following points ended on 1 January 2021, as they were not included in the ATC or the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement: free movement between the parties, accession of the United Kingdom to the European internal market and the customs union, participation of the United Kingdom in most EU programmes, part of police and security cooperation between the EU and the United Kingdom K Such as access to real-time crime data, defence and foreign policy cooperation and the authority of the Court of Justice of the European Communities for the settlement of disputes (except for the Protocol on Northern Ireland[5]). On the 22nd.