Yard Maintenance Agreement

Some landscape maintenance contracts may include the following services: Finally, the benefits of all services recommended by your landscape provider must be clear. Set the conditions for an excellent partnership with clear communication. If you have any doubts about one aspect of your landscape maintenance plan, now is the time to speak out. Communication is the basis of a good relationship, including with your landscape partner. Landscape maintenance can mean a lot; Your contract should clearly specify what it actually means for your property. Make sure lawn maintenance is done weekly for April, May, June, July, August, September and October and on a bi-weekly/as required for March, November and December. Your day of service is scheduled by the lawn maintenance manager. We have a regular week-to-week service plan, but Winkler`s Lawn Care – Landscape, LLC reserves the right to adapt your day of service to more efficient routing and/or weather problems. In case of bad weather or a public holiday, the service is scheduled the nearest working day available. Note that commercial landscape maintenance contracts are generally performance-oriented and do not depend on a specified number of man hours. This is because your property will probably need more services during periods of active vegetation – such as spring and summer – than during the colder months. Even so, don`t hesitate to ask your landscape partner for more details if something doesn`t seem to be missing.

You should be sure that the plan described will help you achieve the desired results. No two landscape maintenance contracts are the same — how do you know your contract is right for you? Use the Five W as a guide. The famous “who, what, where, when and why” method is also a useful tool to judge whether a landscape care contract serves you and your landscape well. Just like negotiating a snow and iron distance contract, it is essential to know what to ask for during the process. Let`s break it: Winkler`s Lawn Care, LLC will not be responsible for damage to fences, roofing supports, foundations or cuts of the house, downspouts, paving, sidewalks, landscape areas, plants, trees or other obstacles of 0-6 inches from the ground, where slopes or edges are made. These areas carry normal wear by the permanent spider of tribelles or vertebral heads. If you don`t want the cutting or edges to be done, please specify. When the grass is high, it is impossible to see all the obstacles that are in the way of our equipment. Winkler`s Lawn Care – Landscape, LLC is not responsible for damage to hidden obstacles.

It is the customer`s responsibility to improve the range of these barriers before providing services. To ensure that these problems do not occur, we advise you to regularly inspect areas maintained by our hoses, watering appliances, watering equipment, outdoor furniture, children`s or pet toys, garbage and excessive waste from limbs or trees. In addition, Winkler`s Lawn Care – Landscape is not responsible for closing doors/fences on your property. It is the customer`s responsibility to check all doors/fences before children and/or pets are returned to a fenced farm.