Sony User Agreement

Some content and services may not be suitable for children of a certain age. Please check age sharing for content and services before accessing, downloading or purchasing content and services. Not all content and services are evaluated. Once the content is downloaded, children under the nominal age can access it. Please monitor your child`s access to content, services and communications that may not be age-related. Parental control does not apply to certain materials, including downloaded content and material, services and communications not rated or broadcast. Your child may not be able to access content or play rated games for users older than the recorded age. You can find more information about parental control on your account settings pages and in our online user manuals. FOR HONG KONG SPECIAL ADMINISTRATIVE REGION/INDONESIA/MALAYSIA/SINGAPUR/TAIWAN REGION/THAILAND USERS, THIS AGREEMENT IS A CONTRACT BETWEEN YOU AND SONY COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT AMERICA LLC (“SCEA”) AND CAN ONLY BE ACCEPTED BY AN ADULT OF LEGAL AGE OF MAJORITY IN WHICH COUNTRY IN WHICH YOUR SONY SERVICES ONLINE ACCOUNT REGISTERED.

If you are below the legal age of majority, you must ask your parent or legal guardian to approve this agreement and this privacy policy. If you click the “ACCEPT” button yourself, you confirm that you have reached the legal age of majority and that you accept this agreement. You also confirm that you expressly ratify and validate this Agreement on behalf of and in the name of all legal and financial responsibilities and responsibilities for your Child`s actions and here matter if you confirm and validate all the actions of your child and all users of your subordinate accounts (“sub-accounts”). If you agree to this agreement, you are subject to the terms and conditions and all other agreements you have with PSN, as well as to the terms and conditions applicable to the products, services or content you purchased or viewed on or via PSN, as communicated to you at the time of purchase and/or access. The software may contain encryption technology. They recognize that any export of software containing U.S. encryption technologies or the subsequent re-export of such software or content by a person outside the United States requires a license or other authorization from the U.S. Department of Commerce`s Bureau of Industry and Security. They also recognize that the software, which contains encryption technology and was purchased by Sony or its third-party license providers, is not intended to be used by a foreign end-user of the state. In accepting this ECJ, you agree to comply with all relevant U.S. export laws and regulations when purchasing and using the purchased product, including, but not limited to, the rules for controlling exports of cryptographic objects, and not to transfer or authorize the product or software in a prohibited country or to violate such restrictions or regulations. 3.3.

All users should protect their account ID password (“PSN”) and take steps to prevent others from accessing their account on shared devices. To protect your account from unauthorized transactions, you can enable “Ask for a password during check-out” in the account settings. We are not responsible for unauthorized use of an account. From time to time, it may be necessary to provide them with certain content to ensure that psn, PSN content or your PlayStation devices are working properly. Some content can be provided automatically without notice when you log in. This content may contain automatic updates or upgrades that may change your current operating system, result in data or content loss, or result in a loss of functionality or utilities.